embracing quirks.

One of the things that brings me the most joy is seeing the creativity God has, ever apparent in His design of our personalities. I’m a firm believer that every fiber of our being has been woven together with extreme delicacy; that the God of the Universe intentionally created us with unique characteristics, quirks and all.

When I was younger I was quick to point out these quirks as weird oddities and intentionally avoided allowing them room to surface. What would I have done if I would have been seen as an individual?! Thankfully, as I have grown up, I have begun to start appreciating these little oddities. In fact, I have begun to love them.

I understand these thoughts may be a little lighter than I usually share, but I do believe they’re important (and fun!). So, friends, embrace the purpose God has called you to – from the major personality traits to the smallest, quirkiest portions of who you are. (Of course, I’m talking about your God-given personality, not the traits developed from a root of sin.)

I’m not sure if/how these things will make a significant impact on my life or the life of those around me; but nevertheless, here’s a little glimpse into my, hrm, uniqueness…

  • I always brush my teeth before I go for a run. Apparently, for me, fresh breath means more endurance. Or something.
  • I don’t play favorites very often. My favorite movie, food, color, flower, and really pretty much everything varies day to day. I guess you could say variety is my favorite.
  • I would choose a cold, snowy, winter day over a hot, sunny, summer day every time.
  • I don’t like peeling oranges. I actually have a deal with a friend that if she peels my oranges, I will slice pizza for her (something she doesn’t like doing :])!
  • My guaranteed “pick-me-up” is hearing about someone that is doing what they love. There aren’t many things that excite me more than cheering on someone as they do what they are purposed to do.
  • I’ve been trying to grow out my hair for approximately six years, but every year when May comes around I chop it off.
  • English/writing was my least favorite subject throughout elementary school, Jr. high, high school, and college. Now I want to be an author. Never saw that one coming.
So, to the sticker sporting, bowling sock wearing, interesting, funny and very friendly man I met today, thank you. Thank you for sparking this reflection. Thank you for not being afraid to be an individual. Thank you for talking about Jesus even though you weren’t sure if you believed in Him. Oh, and thank you for inserting the phrase “word” into normal conversation… several times.

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